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SilkRoad Green Foods Intl.

For thousands of years the Silk Road has been one of the great bread baskets of the world. Pristine glacial water flows from the Qilian Shan Mountains to feed the land and crops. The Silk Road sun shines long hours and the clean pollution free air help to produce some of the world’s highest quality seeds and crops.

Our Company grows, processes, and provides services to deliver superior quality Silk Road produced natural foods, with a specialization on freeze dried, air dried, sun dried fruits and vegetables. Additional, we also produce food ingredients, spices & herbs, concentrates, flavorings, pigments, extracts, and wellness foods. We have the capacity to supply over 35,000 Metric Tons of Air Dried Vegetables and Fruits a year.

Our company has access to an abundant amount of fertile land, pristine water, sunshine, and qualified manpower that produces a consistent supply of superior quality food products. Our team is made up of a wide range of international food industry and agricultural experts specialized in Hybrid Seeds, Cultivation, Processing, Marketing, and Logistics. Our company has established a network of resources that provide a secure supply chain of products with an excellent track record of customer service and satisfaction.

Specialized in contract growing we have a 40,000 acres growing base located in the North West China region with lots of sunshine, pristine water, pristine seeds and qualified manpower. Our food processing facilities are state of the art that comply to the highest quality standards (FDA, ISO, Kosher, HACCP, ISTA, QIC).

Our customers include wholesale marketers, food processing companies, catering companies, trading companies, large private food producers and governmental institutions. We offer our food products in bulk industrial volumes, wholesale packaging, and we also package signature/brand private label food products for the retail or wholesale markets.

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